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Written by Rune

February 9, 2013 at 5:35 pm

The number is 1778995

Andrew Jacob Stephens from AJS Promotional Media / Integrated Business Technologies / Revere Media / DataPacketz Media is apparently making a big point in claiming that he does not own Data Professor Mailer / Data Packetz Mailer or DP Mailer, whatever he likes to call it.
I am not that interested, but I note that he sells it. He also sold, took payments for and had support for Mascot Mailer.
That is spamsupport enough for me.

Lets play a little silly game regarding who is responsible, I guess this is something he thinks of in his lala land:

Judge: “So you are selling the software, taking payments for sales and running support for the software?”
Selfdefending genius: “Yes your Honor”.
Judge: “Well, all this point towards you, mr. Nobody, as the owner of the software?”
Selfdefending genius: “Oh no, your Honor, I do not own the software”.
Judge: “Who owns the software then?”
Selfdefending genius: “Sorry your Honor, I cannot tell you. I am not a snitch.”
Judge: “Oh, too bad. Case dismissed then, I guess. What a pity”.

Todays posting in from this wannabe thinker ended like this:

DELIVERED DESPITE THE BLOCKLISTS: CALL: 513-277-0424 for your copy

(Again I am sorry for the caps lock, but this genious likes to shout like a Nigerian 419 scammer).

There is a misspelling in there too, “DO MAILER” is most likely “DP MAILER”.
External link to the posting:

513-277-0424 was earlier used for selling Mail Mascot.

More to follow. Maybe.
Some screenshots, one or two hilarious videos.
With enough evidence to show Andrew J Stephens taking orders for Data Packetz Mailer or whatever he prefers to call it.

And maybe some history and screenshots regarding Mail Mascot and eDataKing too.


Anyway, the number is 1778995. Not that much, only a very small piece of info.
But big enough. Combined with other stuff.
Coming slowly during the next days, when I find time.

And whatever he says, remember he lies.
He said so himself, so it has to be true.

Monday, September 19, 2011:
Not much today, only a partial screenshot from an old page/video:
Selling emailsending on fusiontalk
With the number 1778995 somewhere in there. That number may come in handy later, take a note of that.
IBT, Integrated Business Technologies, Inc. is also “featured”.
And a clown, maybe even in blue shoes.

The video is still available somewhere.
More later today, tomorrow or during the next days.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011:
Not much today either, again only a screenshot from an old page:
MailMascot on fusiontalk april 2011
Again the number 1778995 can be seen, same as in the previous screenshot above.
And a phone number: 1 (513) 277-0424 which is the same as in Stephens usenetposting, only a couple of days old.

So far we have Andrew Jacob Stephens, Integrated Business Technologies, “Ted Terner”, the phonenumber 513-277-0424 and some other pieces of info. Like “DO MAILER”, where the sloppy guy most likely intended to write “DP MAILER”. Which is Data Packetz Mailer, Data Professor Mailer or whatever he likes to call the crapware.
With the number 1778995 connection the dots in both screenshots.

And by now you have the idea.
One or two more screenshots coming later in case you have not figured it out yet, featuring something called “Data Packetz Media”, which Andrew Jacob Stephens has to say this about (in a usenetposting in a reply to yours truly. As a sidenote, he is whining about “namecalling” in, like when others use his middle name “idiot” and sometimes the word “asshole” about him):

First off, I do not own any business that has anything to do with Data
Packetz. You are an asshole for attributing other people’s ventures
to me. That’s why you have the worst reputation of all the idiots
here. You don’t even try to get it right.

A bit earlier, I think it was in august, he said the following in another posting:

Data Packetz isn’t even mine (nor is it a real name). That’s a
partner of mine. Same software though. I just had to point out the
first and initial flaw. That was a breadcrumb left on the News Feed
for the current users of MM. The DP Mailer isn’t even named DP Mailer
(the entire reason I used an acronym). Al the resellers have their
own names for the software (PLR baby).

Partners, affiliates, resellers, I actually don’t care.
The connections to Andrew Jacob Stephens are definitely present.

Wednesday, September 21 2011
Again I just go for a couple of screenshots, both containing the number 1778995.
Also in the link:
The first screenshot shows “You are a guest of Mail Mascot Mailer #1778995”. That screenshot is from April 2011.
The second shows “You are a guest of Data Packetz Media #1778995”. That screenshot is from today.

MailMascot on fusiontalk april 2011
And Data Packetz Media today:
MailMascot on fusiontalk april 2011

So, has Data Packetz Media / Mailer ever belonged to Andrew Jacob Stephens?

The self proclaimed “Internet Marketing Guru” claims he has sold Data Packetz Mailer (which he claims never owned) to a cousin of his poor woman. Her last name is Kellison.
He names this guy “John”. John Kellison? From Cincinnati, Ohio? I don’t believe that “John Calvin” stuff.
Mr. Kellison claims to be “Revere Media Group”.
Which again is a “division of IBT”. Which is owned by Andrew Stephens with “more than 30%” according to Andrew J Stephens himself.
He is also a kind of CEO of IBT.
The way Andrew Stephens twists facts indicates that the ownership with “more than 30%” may as well be 99%.
I can hear him when confronted with it: “You are a dumbass, don’t you know your math? 99% is more than 30%. Idiot!”

Let’s be diplomatic and call it a mess, Stephens selling his software to a Revere Media, “a division of IBT”, his own company.

He shirley is entangling himself in more and more, hm, lets say “odd argumentation”.
Not using the word “lies” this time. I’m a nice guy.

Written by Rune

September 18, 2011 at 10:45 pm

Who is selling MailMascot?

One question that was raised today by Andrew Stephens:

Umm, have you seen me selling MM lately?

[ ]
Let’s have a look at that:

Plimus taking payment for MailMascot

Payment page for MailMascot at plimus

If you prefer to see it “live” (Opens in a new window): .

Well, there is a MailMascot logo on the payment page. I guess it is a payment page for MailMascot.
There is some text on the page that says “LIVE ASSISTANCE WITH IBT, INC.”. I guess “IBT” is Integrated Business Technologies, Inc, which is Andrew Jacob Stephens (living in Cincinnati, Ohio).
There is also a couple of links, the first interesting one is “Home” and goes to Again Andrew J Stephens, but just guessing.
The contact link says “”. I guess this is Andrew J Stephens girlfriend (poor soul). And I guess she is the same Michelle Kellison that you will find somewhere in the registration of Integrated Business Technologies inc.

So after all this guessing from my side, I’ll rephrase the question:
“Where is the payment for sales of MailMascot going?”

And unless the convicted criminal, spammer and drug seller Andrew Jacob Stephens is feeling very charitable these days, I guess he is still taking payments for sales of MailMascot.
He has not been very successful as a shoesalesman lately, so he has to pay his bills some way.

And Plimus is most likely only one way to pay for MailMascot, AlertPay and PayPal are others.

I don’t quite understand why he asks such a stupid question.
Maybe too much Pink Ice or Kotton Kandy.
Or the more describing “Melt Mellow”, he is surely having one of his many meltdowns these days.

Aka Rev. Andrew Stephens
Church of Common Good

Written by Rune

June 9, 2011 at 6:47 pm

Andrew Stephens: “Privacy? What privacy?”

Or: “Spam support? I’m not supporting spammers!”

I’m looking at information about “Amanda” from KY. She is 3 months behind on payment on her mortgage and her credit rating is “Poor”. Her income is $40,000.
The file I am looking at also has her address, phonenumbers and even more information.

Same goes for Denise in Texas. She is 4 months behind on her payments, her credit score is also “Poor” and she has an income of $30,000.
In total there is +2000 names in the file.
And that is only one file.
There are similar information about several thousand persons across several files.

Uploaded for the whole world to see at
Uploaded by Andrew Jacob Stephens from IBT, the guy running the program “Mascot Mailer”. And the links to the files on megaupload is published openly at a forum for socalled “Blackhats”, as a “gift” from Andrew Stephens to the participants on the forum. Which of course also has its fair share of spammers.
I should mention that there are probably several million records uploaded in total, not only mortgage records.

Why is he giving out all this personal info for free? To spammers?
He is of course hoping to sell more of his ratware Mascot Mailer to them.

Stephens is listed in Spamhaus’ Register Of Known Spam Operations
One reason is “spam support”. Stephens of course denies that he is supporting spammers. Putting up millions of records including emailaddresses on a spammer forum is not spamsupport in mr. Stephens head. I have suspected for a long time that he smoking something he should not do. Or injecting something. Now I am pretty sure he does.

And another serious matter:
Is there not any law in the US that can be used against this kind of abuse of privacy from this dopehead?
Are innocent individuals not protected against having this kind of information published openly like this?
Some of these thousands of people may be desperate people, now having their info disclosed for possibly the whole world to see.

Update February 2012:
Integrated Business Technologies has come up with a new “division”; Stephens Consulting.
Presenting “WP Data Genie”, and as all other serious bidzniz men, Andrew Stephens is using
Same shit, new wrapping?

Aka Rev. Andrew Stevens
Church of Common Good

Written by Rune

April 30, 2011 at 6:26 pm

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Andrew Stephens spamming blogspot

Abusing Google’s Blogger.,, are a few examples.

He has probably set those up himself.

Here he shows his missing ability to keep anything up (Sorry for the capslock, not mine, but Stephens likes to shout):

BE THE FIRST PERSON TO CREATE 100 BLOGS AND I’LL GIVE YOU A 5-LICENSE COPY OF ACTIVE CAMPAIGN (Legally licensed and updated with Spam Score add-on)
Blogs must be created using industry specific keywords and you must have the Account Details for the blogs to get credit for them. I don’t want to make a long list of rules, so don’t screw me and I want screw you…fair enough? You know what we need. We need a bunch of sales pages and free blogs will give us those…so we are asking our peers for help and throwing in some heavy incentives to get it done!
The attacks on Mail Mascot by the opposition have been fierce and have prevented us from maintaining good stability. So, we want to try a different approach in sales using free blog channels such as Blogger and WordPress.

Again: He shows his own lack of capability and begs his customers to keep the sales of his ratware going.
I wonder if there is something somewhere in Bloggers TOS/AUP about setting up hundreds of blogs to sell one product?
Strange businessmodel this guy has.

“This is the MM Official Blog. MM is under new management and we are excited about all the new developments with the software. Now that MM is blossoming into adult-hood, it boasts features that no other software offers.”

Mailmascots new Official Blog. On Googles blogspot, he is not able to keep anything up. has gone belly up, as the other domains.
The way Andrew Jacob Stephens usually messes things up, it will only be a question of time before MailMascot is history.

Now with a seal or whatever it is called from “etrustbureau”.
etrustbureau logo used for mailmascot
Which of course can’t be trusted.
Ratware from a former(?) criminal is not what you want to put your trust in, is it?

Written by Rune

April 27, 2011 at 10:55 pm

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A quote from Andrew J Stephens (the spamming abuser):

The Bulk Email Directory was my first real venture into the darker world of email marketing. Up until BED, my efforts were primarily focused on service-based offers and a lot of search engine optimization tactics, but then I found email and when I learned about email marketing, I loved it. I loved every bit of it…but when I found the true entrepreneurs in email marketing working hard to support small businesses in bulk mail, I found a home. Thus, Bulk Email Directory was born.

I have my own idea what the darker world of email marketing means.
The world of criminal spammers.

Taken from the smoking crater of .
A ROKSO-listed spammer usually finds most of his sites in that state.
Probably only a question before his shallow brain reaches that state too.

Another quote, this time from
Which of course also is a smoking crater.

Over a period of 6 years, I have devoted almost all of my attention and time to the growth of my online empire and it is slowly becoming a great and exciting venture.

His “empire” is shrinking, he has now reached the state of denial.
I wonder when he goes “poof”?
He is a bit irritating, all those deadbrain postings to are annoying.

I’ll just wait him out, sooner or later he will vanish.
Like previous spammers, starting out like generals in a war against SpamHaus or whatever they were fighting in NANAE, ending up squealing like pigs. And then disappearing. Some of them even ended up in jail. I guess the rest of them are stuffed away some places today. They are likely not capable of ordinary work.
I am wondering a bit what happens to those guys when they discover they are not the geniuses they think they are. And that they are not invulnerable.
Jail, some kind of institution? Not unlikely.
Flipping burgers? No, too important work for them. They don’t have the skills.

Written by Rune

March 26, 2011 at 7:25 am