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A quote from Andrew J Stephens (the spamming abuser):

The Bulk Email Directory was my first real venture into the darker world of email marketing. Up until BED, my efforts were primarily focused on service-based offers and a lot of search engine optimization tactics, but then I found email and when I learned about email marketing, I loved it. I loved every bit of it…but when I found the true entrepreneurs in email marketing working hard to support small businesses in bulk mail, I found a home. Thus, Bulk Email Directory was born.

I have my own idea what the darker world of email marketing means.
The world of criminal spammers.

Taken from the smoking crater of .
A ROKSO-listed spammer usually finds most of his sites in that state.
Probably only a question before his shallow brain reaches that state too.

Another quote, this time from
Which of course also is a smoking crater.

Over a period of 6 years, I have devoted almost all of my attention and time to the growth of my online empire and it is slowly becoming a great and exciting venture.

His “empire” is shrinking, he has now reached the state of denial.
I wonder when he goes “poof”?
He is a bit irritating, all those deadbrain postings to are annoying.

I’ll just wait him out, sooner or later he will vanish.
Like previous spammers, starting out like generals in a war against SpamHaus or whatever they were fighting in NANAE, ending up squealing like pigs. And then disappearing. Some of them even ended up in jail. I guess the rest of them are stuffed away some places today. They are likely not capable of ordinary work.
I am wondering a bit what happens to those guys when they discover they are not the geniuses they think they are. And that they are not invulnerable.
Jail, some kind of institution? Not unlikely.
Flipping burgers? No, too important work for them. They don’t have the skills.


Written by Rune

March 26, 2011 at 7:25 am