Who is selling MailMascot?

One question that was raised today by Andrew Stephens:

Umm, have you seen me selling MM lately?

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Let’s have a look at that:

Plimus taking payment for MailMascot

Payment page for MailMascot at plimus

If you prefer to see it “live” (Opens in a new window): .

Well, there is a MailMascot logo on the payment page. I guess it is a payment page for MailMascot.
There is some text on the page that says “LIVE ASSISTANCE WITH IBT, INC.”. I guess “IBT” is Integrated Business Technologies, Inc, which is Andrew Jacob Stephens (living in Cincinnati, Ohio).
There is also a couple of links, the first interesting one is “Home” and goes to Again Andrew J Stephens, but just guessing.
The contact link says “”. I guess this is Andrew J Stephens girlfriend (poor soul). And I guess she is the same Michelle Kellison that you will find somewhere in the registration of Integrated Business Technologies inc.

So after all this guessing from my side, I’ll rephrase the question:
“Where is the payment for sales of MailMascot going?”

And unless the convicted criminal, spammer and drug seller Andrew Jacob Stephens is feeling very charitable these days, I guess he is still taking payments for sales of MailMascot.
He has not been very successful as a shoesalesman lately, so he has to pay his bills some way.

And Plimus is most likely only one way to pay for MailMascot, AlertPay and PayPal are others.

I don’t quite understand why he asks such a stupid question.
Maybe too much Pink Ice or Kotton Kandy.
Or the more describing “Melt Mellow”, he is surely having one of his many meltdowns these days.

Aka Rev. Andrew Stephens
Church of Common Good


Written by Rune

June 9, 2011 at 6:47 pm