Andrew Stephens: “Privacy? What privacy?”

Or: “Spam support? I’m not supporting spammers!”

I’m looking at information about “Amanda” from KY. She is 3 months behind on payment on her mortgage and her credit rating is “Poor”. Her income is $40,000.
The file I am looking at also has her address, phonenumbers and even more information.

Same goes for Denise in Texas. She is 4 months behind on her payments, her credit score is also “Poor” and she has an income of $30,000.
In total there is +2000 names in the file.
And that is only one file.
There are similar information about several thousand persons across several files.

Uploaded for the whole world to see at
Uploaded by Andrew Jacob Stephens from IBT, the guy running the program “Mascot Mailer”. And the links to the files on megaupload is published openly at a forum for socalled “Blackhats”, as a “gift” from Andrew Stephens to the participants on the forum. Which of course also has its fair share of spammers.
I should mention that there are probably several million records uploaded in total, not only mortgage records.

Why is he giving out all this personal info for free? To spammers?
He is of course hoping to sell more of his ratware Mascot Mailer to them.

Stephens is listed in Spamhaus’ Register Of Known Spam Operations
One reason is “spam support”. Stephens of course denies that he is supporting spammers. Putting up millions of records including emailaddresses on a spammer forum is not spamsupport in mr. Stephens head. I have suspected for a long time that he smoking something he should not do. Or injecting something. Now I am pretty sure he does.

And another serious matter:
Is there not any law in the US that can be used against this kind of abuse of privacy from this dopehead?
Are innocent individuals not protected against having this kind of information published openly like this?
Some of these thousands of people may be desperate people, now having their info disclosed for possibly the whole world to see.

Update February 2012:
Integrated Business Technologies has come up with a new “division”; Stephens Consulting.
Presenting “WP Data Genie”, and as all other serious bidzniz men, Andrew Stephens is using
Same shit, new wrapping?

Aka Rev. Andrew Stevens
Church of Common Good


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April 30, 2011 at 6:26 pm

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