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Andrew Stephens – dressing funny, without mask this time

Andrew Jacob Stephens showing his megalamonia

Andrew Stephens, the king of La-la land

Nice outfit, do you recognize it from an earlier posting?


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June 24, 2011 at 10:39 pm


DPMailer is apparently the new mascotmailer / Mail Mascot Updates. Or something like that.
Now with smtp capabilties, whatever that means.
Presented by a troll called BlackDataKing.

Andrew Stephens at his best, nuttier than ever.

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June 9, 2011 at 11:46 pm

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Who is selling MailMascot?

One question that was raised today by Andrew Stephens:

Umm, have you seen me selling MM lately?

[ ]
Let’s have a look at that:

Plimus taking payment for MailMascot

Payment page for MailMascot at plimus

If you prefer to see it “live” (Opens in a new window): .

Well, there is a MailMascot logo on the payment page. I guess it is a payment page for MailMascot.
There is some text on the page that says “LIVE ASSISTANCE WITH IBT, INC.”. I guess “IBT” is Integrated Business Technologies, Inc, which is Andrew Jacob Stephens (living in Cincinnati, Ohio).
There is also a couple of links, the first interesting one is “Home” and goes to Again Andrew J Stephens, but just guessing.
The contact link says “”. I guess this is Andrew J Stephens girlfriend (poor soul). And I guess she is the same Michelle Kellison that you will find somewhere in the registration of Integrated Business Technologies inc.

So after all this guessing from my side, I’ll rephrase the question:
“Where is the payment for sales of MailMascot going?”

And unless the convicted criminal, spammer and drug seller Andrew Jacob Stephens is feeling very charitable these days, I guess he is still taking payments for sales of MailMascot.
He has not been very successful as a shoesalesman lately, so he has to pay his bills some way.

And Plimus is most likely only one way to pay for MailMascot, AlertPay and PayPal are others.

I don’t quite understand why he asks such a stupid question.
Maybe too much Pink Ice or Kotton Kandy.
Or the more describing “Melt Mellow”, he is surely having one of his many meltdowns these days.

Aka Rev. Andrew Stephens
Church of Common Good

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June 9, 2011 at 6:47 pm

Andrew J Stephens, the designer drugs, some Blue Magic and Pink Ice

“Verumtruth” with a “pressrelease” and a new video on YouTube.
First the socalled pressrelease:

And the YouTube video:

Less than 2.5 months ago, a company called “Integrated Business Technologies, Inc” used these words about some of the stuff the company was selling from one of its websites:

Blue Magic is a heavy blend that carries a heady therapy session.
Combining the power of natures’ most sedating herbs along with the
most powerful synthetic cannabinoid available today, Blue Magic is not
for the weak or weary…use with caution and enjoy! Ingredients: Damiana
Leaf – Substrate Mullein Leaf – Relaxation AM-694 – Synthetic


Pink Ice is a subtle blend of WIN 48, 098, dariama & mullien
leaves…with a touch of olive leaf to give it the extra kick. This
incense blend lasts for hours and is sure to be among your favorites
of the herbal mixes available today. Pink Ice is not for human
consumption and is intended …

And now some heavy quoting from the “press release” from verumtruth, which of course is mr. Andrew Jacob Stephens from Integrated Business Technologies.
Note “synthetic cannabinoids” and let your eyes slide a bit back to what you could find on mr. Stephens site.

The phenomenon of designer drugs has crept into
American soil from foreign corruption stemming from various regions of
Europe. These designer drugs range from synthetic cannabinoids to
synthetic meth-amphetamines and even pseudo-opiates.
These drugs have been known to cause human injury,
irrational thinking, and even death in the U.S., so why would any
responsible American sell these products to other Americans…they

Yeah, right. Only a few months ago something very similar was sold by Andrew Stephens company, Integrated Business Technologies.

Again from the “press release”, and again go back and find what label mr. Stephens slapped onto his “Pink Ice”

These products are sold primarily by foreigners that come to America
and start a convenient store while receiving tax credits for 5 years.
They are “homeland terrorists” in that, they are insurgents on our own
soil that are poisoning Americans with biological warfare by using our
free-trade laws against us. They slap a sticker that says “not for
human consumption” on the packaging and then advertise the products as
a marijuana alternative […]

Again: Some very similar drugs was sold from a site that said “Copyright 2010 © – Integrated Business Technologies, Inc.”, with a link to as late as March 2011.
With names like “Kotton Kandy” and “Melt Mellow”, in addition to the two already mentioned; “Blue Magic” and “Pink Ice”.

Spammer, abuser and seller of designer drugs and the ratware Mail Mascot.
And even maybe a “homeland terrorist” who poisoned Americans?
Anything else in the closet, Mr. Andrew Stephens?

Maybe more later.
Maybe some screenshots.
The few of you who read my ramblings from time to time know that “maybe” probably means “never”.
But better done that perfect.

Aka Rev. Andrew Stevens
Church of Common Good

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June 4, 2011 at 1:40 am