Posts Tagged ‘iBT at apparently serves the purpose of verifying licenses/registrations of DP mailer. seems to confirm that.
That IP was the home of, which served the same purpose some months back (last summer? Maybe still?). seems to be MDD Hosting LLC. According to whois info for, a guy named Michael Denney is involved.
Over time apparently a safe heaven for spammers and spamsupporters. At least one of them, Andrew Stephens from Stephens Consulting.


Written by Rune

April 17, 2012 at 9:41 pm

Trouble keeping it up, guys?

What does one of the buyers of the crapware DataPacketz and the seller Andrew Stephens have in common?
I don’t know much about that except for this pesky little detail:

It’s a pity when those ethicul marketing gurus can’t keep their sites up, isn’t it?

This customer, let’s call him mr. “JD” or just Joe, has the same mysterious problem as Andrew J. Stephens from Revere Media: Keeping his domains up.
I wonder why, it cannot possibly be because they are spammers?
Maybe more about Joseph later, I even have a nice picture of him:


Yes, it is the right guy. And the original photo shows a little bit more of him.

Mr. “rks” is another user of DataPacketz Mailer.
I may even write a little bit more about him later.

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March 25, 2012 at 12:30 am

Watch the backpeddling and smell the fear

Andrew Stephens (writing as “sue barrymore”) in January 2011:

Look, Bill is a poor example. He has stolen money from everyone I
have ever heard him come in contact with, from his clients to his
“protogies” to his data centers and even hardware partners…

He did not back up this with any evidence.
Which is typical for Andrew J Stephens from Integrated Business Technologies.

A few months later, In July, the backpeddling starts:

Bill, know that I am not against you. If I have missed something that I
did not know, please send me a message to clarify. I didn’t know you
actually did more than that conference. That was not an attack by any
means buddy 😉

He is reminded of his first posting about Bill, the thief and backpeddles like hell:

If I said any negative words about Bill, they were impulsive and there
were extenuating circumstances that you know nothing about, nor will you
ever know about who or what happens in my real life.

“If” he said any negative words?
Why that “if”, Andrew Jacob Stephens from IBT and Verum Media Group? It is quite obvious.
Very much like him. Extremely unstable.
Willing to take the risk and become a customer of a guy like this?

The guy he is accusing is btw another infamous spammer, Bill Waggoner.
Who of course is not especially fond of the backpeddling Andrew Stephens.

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July 15, 2011 at 4:02 pm

Andrew Stephens / IBT supporting blackhat tools

Let’s first go back to June 30, 2011.
Andrew J Stephens from Integrated Business Technologies answer a question (from me) about tolerating forum- and commentspammers in the newsgroup

I believe that the attacks on media by censorship agencies like Spamhaus
and Google (as of recently) require the “little guy” to use dynamic
submission sites in order to even be in the media at all…so as long as
media is cencored, there will be a lot of ideas that I don’t consider
“the best way” but I will condone them because they are the “only way”
to reach the audience despite the censorship.

So he acknowledges the use of forumspam and commentspam.

An example of the “toolbox” from, a new “project” from IBT.
Tools like XRumer, ScrapeBox and his own crapware MailMascot.
All blackhat/spammer tools:

Integrated Business Technologies, Andrew Stephens shows his support for blackhat tools

Integrated Business Technologies, Andrew Stephens shows his support for blackhat tools

Also note that his own crapware MailMascot is included.

Update later in July 2011:
Another new invention is “Proxy Power Solutions”.
Payments for the various stuff at went earlier to Integrated Business Technologies / IBT.
Now the payment pages at Plimus says “Proxy Power Solutions”.

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July 12, 2011 at 12:42 am

New project: (now at will most likely fail, like most of his stuff does.

Registration info is hidden by
Right now is hosted at, something called Pugmarks. is not found in his ROKSO file at
Belongs to this guy:

RAbuseHandle: PM1126-ARIN
RAbuseName: Mishra, Pravin
RAbusePhone: +1-630-579-1256

High ambitions with the site it seems, being build as I write this.
But sadly for him it will most likely collapse sooner or later, like most of his ideas.
And that is totally independent of a possible SBL-listing.
He will mess it up totally, only with the help of himself.
And then blame somebody/something else for the failure.
It does not help that the little content that can be found reminds one of the work of an amateur.
But at least there are no funny blue shoes, funny costumes or anon masks this time.
Maybe he is posing in the closed member/vip area, who knows?

Maybe more later, screenshots etc (but note that “maybe”, please).
Also of other stuff from, which has been transferred from was hosted at Which he seems to have lost lately.

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July 10, 2011 at 1:53 pm

Andrew Stephens from Verum Media on Wikipedia – for a very short moment

Andrew Stephens clarifies (well, he tries to clarify, but fails. As usual):
Quoting on of Wikipedias editors:
“Hello Stephensboy. If you are affiliated with some of the people, places or things you have written about in the article Andrew Stephens, you may have a conflict of interest”

Stephens answer:
“To clarify on the article, it was written by Michelle Kellison and Michael Medcalf and edited by myself, neither party is related to me (Michelle is my fiance however and bears 2 of my children & Michael is a lifelong friend).”

So, they are not *related* to Andrew Stephens according to himself.
The question was if any of them are *affiliated* with him.
My understanding of the english language is not good enough to make a difference between related/affiliated.
Is there any?

And Andrew Jacob Stephens is btw not worthy an entry in Wikipedia.
For a laugh or two, have a look at:

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July 8, 2011 at 9:09 pm

Andrew Stephens – dressing funny, without mask this time

Andrew Jacob Stephens showing his megalamonia

Andrew Stephens, the king of La-la land

Nice outfit, do you recognize it from an earlier posting?

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June 24, 2011 at 10:39 pm