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Securechatclient – another failure

Screenshot from

Screenshot from (click on it for a bigger one)

The site was up for a few hours on Thursday May 19, 2011.
I wonder why the content disappeared?
But then again; You never know what really goes on in a spammers head.

Some of the textual content on the failed project:

If you can read this text, you have been invited to a very exclusive chat client. Created by several members of the Internet Marketing community after years of searching for a secure way to communicate with other IMers, SCC is a solution to the problems in public chatrooms…it’s exclusive, secure, and each member is responsible for those that they refer. By using a system of accountability and exclusivity, we can ensure that you are protected on this site.

For the very short lifetime of the blog, it was also protected by “human basic rights”.
Big words, out of context. Like most stuff Andrew Stephens talks about. He has a special talent of ruining stuff that guy. And when he is done ruining whatever he is ruining, he puts the blame for the failure on somebody else.

And as you see, some of their areas of discussion was meant to be “Email Spam”, “Hacking DDoS” and “Adult XXXChat”.
So we know a little bit about the stuff that spins inside their pity brains.

Aka Rev. Andrew Stevens
Church of Common Good


Written by Rune

May 19, 2011 at 11:55 pm