Watch the backpeddling and smell the fear

Andrew Stephens (writing as “sue barrymore”) in January 2011:

Look, Bill is a poor example. He has stolen money from everyone I
have ever heard him come in contact with, from his clients to his
“protogies” to his data centers and even hardware partners…

He did not back up this with any evidence.
Which is typical for Andrew J Stephens from Integrated Business Technologies.

A few months later, In July, the backpeddling starts:

Bill, know that I am not against you. If I have missed something that I
did not know, please send me a message to clarify. I didn’t know you
actually did more than that conference. That was not an attack by any
means buddy 😉

He is reminded of his first posting about Bill, the thief and backpeddles like hell:

If I said any negative words about Bill, they were impulsive and there
were extenuating circumstances that you know nothing about, nor will you
ever know about who or what happens in my real life.

“If” he said any negative words?
Why that “if”, Andrew Jacob Stephens from IBT and Verum Media Group? It is quite obvious.
Very much like him. Extremely unstable.
Willing to take the risk and become a customer of a guy like this?

The guy he is accusing is btw another infamous spammer, Bill Waggoner.
Who of course is not especially fond of the backpeddling Andrew Stephens.


Written by Rune

July 15, 2011 at 4:02 pm