New project: (now at will most likely fail, like most of his stuff does.

Registration info is hidden by
Right now is hosted at, something called Pugmarks. is not found in his ROKSO file at
Belongs to this guy:

RAbuseHandle: PM1126-ARIN
RAbuseName: Mishra, Pravin
RAbusePhone: +1-630-579-1256

High ambitions with the site it seems, being build as I write this.
But sadly for him it will most likely collapse sooner or later, like most of his ideas.
And that is totally independent of a possible SBL-listing.
He will mess it up totally, only with the help of himself.
And then blame somebody/something else for the failure.
It does not help that the little content that can be found reminds one of the work of an amateur.
But at least there are no funny blue shoes, funny costumes or anon masks this time.
Maybe he is posing in the closed member/vip area, who knows?

Maybe more later, screenshots etc (but note that “maybe”, please).
Also of other stuff from, which has been transferred from was hosted at Which he seems to have lost lately.


Written by Rune

July 10, 2011 at 1:53 pm